About DSP license,I need HELP!!!

The machine is USB controlled and I wonder if lightburn version 0.9.16 caused me to show that A DSP license is required when adding devices.
How do I skip this DSP license step, and what causes it to read out that my machine is a DSP machine? Because the machine does not need DSP control, it is only controlled by a USB cable.

If you have a Ruida controller you will need the DSP license. It’s referred to as a DSP controller because the Ruida uses a DSP for part of its control functionality. The method of interface, in your case USB, is not the relevant factor when it comes to the license. For example, g-code devices also interface with USB.

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Thanks for your qucikly reply.but Why DSP liense PROBLEM not display in other people whose bought the same mechine.

Are you referring to something specific? What machine do you have and what other people do not require a DSP license with that machine?

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My machine uses the Ruida 6440Y board. This motherboard need DSP License?

Yes. This is documented here:
Which version do I need? – LightBurn Software

If there is a DSP license, there will be a connection packet USB behind it?

I’m not following the question. Are you asking if you can connect to DSP controller via USB? Yes. This is possible although there are known issues with doing this from Mac to Ruida via USB. Alternatively ethernet has shown to be generally more reliable.

Will this error occur if you don’t install a USB driver?(NEED A DSP LICENSE)

License type and USB connection are independent concepts. The controller type determines the license type required, no matter the interface. How you connect is independent of license type.

It seems like we keep circling back to this. Is there still some uncertainty that’s creating doubts for you?

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