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I’m having trouble adjusting machine parameters on my xTool D1, specifically axis calibration. I’m trying to modify $102 but the value I set through the console doesn’t stick. Calibration through Machine Settings doesn’t work either.

Completely new here and having a hard time understanding the material settings. In Laser Box, the settings seem to be way slower than the Lightburn settings (e.g., 360 versus 1800). Can someone enlighten me on why that would be? If I put a speed of 360 in Lightburn, the projects are generally 11+ hours to do. I’m so confused and I’m burning up a lot of material. Please help this newbie. :slight_smile:

Hi, I am also very new in with my XTool D1 but I think that the problem might be that Lightburn runs in speed units per second while the machine runs in speed units per minute, hence it is multiplying everything by 60 !

We have purchased a Xtool D1 laser and trying to find out if there is any other hardware that would be required to use LightBurn with a Mac Book Air. It is running macOS Big Sur 11.6.3 system. Before I down load the trial version of LightBurn will it work with what I have?

Attempting to run on my MacBook Pro; will report at a later date.

Yup. It will run just fine.