Access to pictures

Hi Guys! anyone know how to reinstate access to ‘Pictures’ after declining access on startup in error!
In short I clicked do not allow access to phots folder on first use of Lightburn and don’t know how to deactivate the blocking of access. any ideas how I can do this?

Windows (version number?), Mac, Linux, Atari, Amiga? Which operating system? Taking a wild guess, I’ll answer for Windows 10.

Open Settings > Apps > Apps & Features, click an app, and click “Advanced Options.”
Scroll down, and you’ll see the permissions the app can use under “App Permissions.”

Hi Fred! Thanks for your reply and help! Although I did try this previously, which didn’t seem to solve the problem, it has now seemed to rectify itself after a total shut down!
Hey-ho! Thats computers for you! Thanks so much for reply tough as I was really stumped!

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