Accessory advice

For once, We have some grant funding available and Looking to add some accessories to our 600x900 80w red & black laser with Ruida controller & motorized honeycomb bed & cw 5000 chiller.

Already on possible list are:

  • 8mp camera
  • Replacement tube
  • Silent compressor & air control relay
  • rotary (chuck style)
  • upgraded inline extraction fan

Other ideas to add to the list? Any recommendations on the items above (either products or vendors)

I know a place to get the camera though… :wink:

Tubes deteriorate even when not used and are readily available so I would wait on that.
A quite compressor is a good choice for upgrade especially if your current system is sub par, the same holds true for an extraction fan.
In my opinion the camera is a must. It has been a game changer for me and has increased my productivity greatly while reducing my Wasted material by at least 70%.

I’d take suggestions here too. We have 6” metal spiral out of the room with a in-line fan. Not sure the most cfm we can pull with that

That depends on the maker. good quality (Reci, EFR, SPT) don’t degrade. It’s only cheaply-made ones that use glue or gum to seal the tube that allow the mixture to transpire.

I always keep a spare new tube on hand. I’ve installed 8-year-old tubes and had them calibrate to the ‘stickered’ factory-tested output and still running today.

Buying cheap tubes is an exercise in disappointment.

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air control relay is a good option.
a spare tube and PSU are great to keep on hand if you’re busy. If you’re not running multiple hours every day and can afford downtime, save it until you need it. However, the tube in the cheap Chinese machines as sold online in the US are low-spec. It’s an opportunity to buy a better unit and shelve the one you have as a spare. If budget is no problem and you work for hours every day, Reci or EFR are fine choices. If you need to budget a bit, SPT are 80% of the spec for 50% of the price.

Unless you just can’t go bigger, upgrade your 80W with a 130W an some spare lenses and such. Be prepared to spend US$30-50 for a decent lens. A spare lens tube is ~$20 and allows you to experiment with lens length, as well as making cleaning and such a breeze - just swap in a clean lens/tube and do the cleaning of machine, lens, etc. at the same time. I am overkill - I have 5 ea of 2", 3", 4" and a bunch of lens tubes - but shipping to NZ can be slow and I can’t afford downtime.

Five Laser on Aliexpress sells genuine SPT and Reci tubes at a good price.

They also sell genuine ZYE psu’s:

And decent mirrors and lenses:

If you haven’t got any, fit LEDs under the hood and think about adding in a stepper/driver 36V PSU and only use the 24V one for controller, etc.

For extractors, go looking at inline ones from HVAC suppliers. They’re cheap, quiet and reliable. Anything 500cfm or up (Mine is 24,000l/Min - can’t work that out in old money)

My laser is 1300 x 900 and I use a cloudline 8 inch inline with 6 inch exhaust flex tubing and 8 to 6 adapters at the fan inlet and outlet