Accuracy of cuts

Hi, I am a model maker in scale 1:120 and I found an inaccuracy when cutting gables of small model buildings with my new FabCreator FabCore 40W with Ruida RDC 5121. The gables were not 100% symmetrical. To exclude a possible problem from importing it from Adobe illustrator, I made a test file with rhombs and lines in Lightburn. Here I also can see small jumps in lines and corners of the rhombs. Could this be a software or hardware problem or just something I have to live with. I haven’t seen inaccuracy when cutting circles.

It’s my first week with the laser, so I am kind of a newby.

Best René

It could easily be motor skips - those corners are very sharp, so if the acceleration is set a bit high, or the cutting speed was too high, this can happen. (as an aside, observation only, lowering the Min Power value will eliminate the darker burn at the corners where it slows down too)

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