Achieving minimum production time

Hello all,

I’m new to the LB software and the AlgoLaser that I’m using. I’m making 13" diameter clock faces with line art and images. I need to optimize the production cycle.

The initial design ran for 2.75 hours (165 minutes).

I changed everything I could from FILL to LINE by supplying different artwork, replacing bitmap line drawing with vectors, and generally cleaning things up. This dropped the time to about 25 minutes.

The current time waster is a bitmap image which appears at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 position. The laser burns the 6 position, then the 9,3 and finally the 12. There is a 12" movement for each line on the 9,3 image pair. Is there a way to get LB to process the images independently? If it would engrave the 9 oclock image and then move to the 3 oclock image the process would be much faster.

If I move the drawings to different layers (Colors in LB) will this solve the problem? If LB processes all of Layer N before starting on Layer N+1 then splitting them into multiple layers would make them process individually.

The same holds true for the images at each of the 12 hour positions. If the images were individually processed the cycle would be much faster.

I can certainly share the project but the specific images are not really relevant to the general question.

Any thoughts or general philosophy welcome as well as any specific tips.


Open your cut settings (double click the cut layer) On the left side you’ll see the options for burning them individually or all together.
play with the line spacing some. You may be able to space them more and not see a difference in quality. with the plain eye.
The modes can often make some difference as well. I found ‘Threshold’ to be the quicker setting if it’s a simple design or image.
If I need better detail I’ve had good luck with ‘Jarvis’.

Take a look at the optimization settings (laser window). You can choose the priority yourself. Layer, groups, travel moves… there are many options.

Putting them on different layers should work with standard settings right out of the box.

For your laser, the Cut Settings window will be a bit different, but the first 3 buttons will be there.

Thank you for the help. I’m also looking at the impact of higher power/faster speed on image quality. There is a big improvement in detail on image burns at slower speeds but not much difference for vectors. Using the optimization and changing speeds I’m hoping to get under 10 minutes/cycle.