Acrylic graveren

Hello dear people

Who can help me engrave clear acrylic of 3 mm?

Or has a link to a clear website where I can learn about speed and power and where I need to pay attention to get it done

Ik heb een Totem CNC Laser Engraving Machine 300x400mm Big Area 2.5/5.5W Fast Speed cutting machine tool carving wood/Leather/Metal/Acrylic bij ali expres gekocht.

Greetings Ronald

The wavelength of diode lasers passes through clear and is reflected by light colors, not allowing the energy from the laser beam to be deposited on the surface of the material. You will need to try darker material or use a different type of laser / wavelength of beam to accomplish this task.

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What do you mean by a different type/wavelength

A CO2 or Fiber laser system allows the cutting of this type of light-colored or clear substrates.

40W CO2 Usb Laser Engraving Cutting Machine K40 Engraver Cutter 220V / 110V Cnc With Digital Display for Plywood Acrylic is it good enough for it or should I take another one

Yes, it works very well, but you still need to replace the controller to use LightBurn. (for example Mini-Gerbil $ 89, Plug and Play) An extra good venting system is also strictly necessary when you want to work primarily with acrylic.

thanks for the tips
will save for it