Acrylic Help - Please

Brand new user to lasers and Lightburn, so be gentle.
I have a 7W JTech diode laser with a .0075 spot size and would like to do acrylic edge lit designs. I am looking for feeds, power settings and line intervals to get started. Any other hints would be very much appreciated.

You don’t have the right tool for the job. Clear acrylic is transparent to 445nm laser light, so your beam will pass straight through it. If you can make the surface with a marker or paint, that will help, but then you probably won’t get the look you’re after.

What if I leave the protective paper on it or some kind of mask? Thought I had read somewhere that this would work…

If it survives long enough to transfer heat to the acrylic, perhaps. The best way to find out would be to try it.

Do you know at what wavelength acrylic becomes opaque to light? I mean - does it have to be far IR like with CO2 (around 10-5=10000nm) or it can be closer to 750nm? 750nm is kind of manageable with diodes - but I haven’t seen power ones in this wavelength.

Look at Graph 6 on page 7 here:

TL;DR, no - 90% transmission until 1100nm and then it starts to fall off.