Activar antes de cortar $32 (Activate Before Cut $32)

porque tengo que activar siempre y antes de cortar $32 mi laser es un laser Engraving machine 4050

because I always have to activate and before cutting $32 my laser is a laser Engraving machine 4050

It is possible that the manufacturer of your laser engraver has set the device to forget custom settings each time it is shut of and powered back up.

The only way to defeat this (that I know of) is to flash new firmware.

Y como puedo solucionarlo

and how can i fix it

Como puedo flashear un nuevo firmware.

How can I flash a new firmware.

Which processor is on the circuit board on the controller?
When the Engraver first starts, what is the start message in the console window in LightBurn?

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