Activated software - now RuiDa controller not listed

Hi during the trial period I was able to connect to the laser cutter (blue white CO2) via usb.
After activating the software I can no longer see any Ruida controllers listed.
The activation changed my setting and I had to setup the device again however have not been able to do so.
I’m using a Mac and have tried to connect via ethernet however have had no success.
Any help would be appreciated.

Did you purchase a GCode key, or a DSP key? ($40 or $80 - you need the $80 key for the Ruida)

I went through an upgrade however was not prompted to purchase any key.
I was using an Emblaser2 before.
How do I purchase the key?

Ok sorry I can see I need to use the store for the key purchase.

If you have an Emblaser license, you can just upgrade it to the DSP key.

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