Activating LightBurn for multiple users on a single Windows PC

Hi there,

Is it possible to activate LightBurn once for all users on a single PC? I am one of a few different users that each need to be able to run our laser cutter, and our IT department strongly discourages shared accounts.

I am able to activate and run LightBurn without issues, but it asks for the activation key when one of the other users logs in to the control PC. Does LightBurn need to be activated for each user? Would each of these activations count towards our total even though they are all on a single PC?


Josh Albers
Missouri State University Art + Design

Yes, we understand and provide for this scenario. Take a read here:


Allowing all users on a computer to use the same ‘System Locked’ license:
Licensing Setup - Configuring different license options

Please let us know if you experience any issues with this. :slight_smile:

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