Add a tab to a drawing that I already have

Hi I have a drawing of a soldier That cuts really well however I would like to add a tab to the bottom the wood is 6mm mdf but when I do it I end up with a line between the bottom of the soldier and the rectangle box I made for the tab I don’t want the line I need the tab attached to the solid to make one out line. I may not be explaining this very well but basically I wish to add a tab to the bottom of a drawing of a soldier without a join line any help would be great Thanks Mark
soldier.lbrn2 (106.8 KB)

A picture of what you want would be helpful.

is it something like this, (it’s just a sketch)

Is there a reason why the soldier consists of 2 lines?

soldier-retur.lbrn2 (136.1 KB)

See if it can be used. I have removed the inner lines, made the bottom line straight and added a 6x20mm “stand”

Hi yes the sketch you mad is what I’m trying to do I don’t know why the soldier has 2 lines should I remove on do you think?

Hi what you have done is exactly what I am try to achieve only with the Tab nearer the length of the soldiers base
thank you for you help

I suspect that the extra line comes from tracing a drawing. Depending on what you want to use the drawing for, it may be advantageous to remove the double lines. Eg. if you want to fill the soldier, remove the extra line or add extra lines…

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