Add a time delay when sending commands to my laser?

MY computer and laser cutter are in different rooms, because I don’t want the laser smoking out the room with the computer in, and I can’t move the computer to a different room as it’s tied to something else right now.

Is there any way that I can add a delay to lightburn so that when I send a command I have time to go into the next room before it’s executed?

For example if I press the frame button, I want it to frame in 30 seconds, rather than instantly?

I am aware of other possible solutions such as installing Lightburn on another computer or putting a camera in, but could you please not go into those on this thread, just the time delay.

I’m using an Ortur Laser Master 3, with no ability to run commands from the devise, only to stop them.

Without knowing your laser machine, I would think that transferring lbrn2 to an SD card on the computer and then using this file on your machine must be an easy way to do it.

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