Add lightburn to my laptop

I’m still really new at this. I have lightburn in my home computer. The license key and laser is all connected to it. I want to also put the lightburn into a laptop. Not sure the steps I need to do. To get it into the laptop without it being connected to my laser. I down loaded lightburn and used by license. Now not sure where to go from there with our it being connected to my laser.
I want to be able to do projects when I’m not at home. I need help please.

Most people use LightBurn this way including myself. Just copy your machine setup from comuter 1 and install on comuter 2 and you are good to go. It is an advantage that you have all the fonts and material and art libraries synchronized. When you now construct a topic in the office or at home, you can transfer the finished file in all the normal ways, ie lan, e-mail, usb drive … Here it is also an advantage that the library structure is more or less the same, it makes work easier.

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