Add same name to many fields

I use my laser for engraving on pens, and I made this jig where I add 12 pens at a time. Right now I manually write all 12 names when I start a new project. Is there a way to automate this process?

I remember from my old China laser days using Corel that you could write something in an box and then it could repeat the opreation multiple times on the laser.

Hope that someone has an idea :slight_smile:

Will variable text do what you need?

These are worth review to see if this might help automate some of your workflow: Variable Text Basics - LightBurn Software Documentation

Specifically, this format of Variable Text: Variable Text Formats - LightBurn Software Documentation

I made this, and so far I have just replaced every name.

But I will have a look at the variable text.


I was hoping to have one field where I added the text, and then the remaining fields were automatically updated with the exact same name.
Variable text seems to be a bit different.

Look at the Array tools for quick replication or auto-generation of shapes, and we even support variable text in arrays. Redirecting...

Automatic Arrays

When copying a text shape using Grid Array, Circle Array, or Copy along Path, LightBurn can automatically advance the ‘Offset’ value on your variable text objects for you. In this way you can quickly create full sheets of items containing serial numbers or CSV file references.

The ‘Virtual Array’ feature in 1.0 would do this too - You could create a virtual array of the name, then changing the master would change all the copies automatically.



Perfect Oz, that’s just what I am looking for. I will test that later today :smile:

Thank you all

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