Add Tabs option does not appear when beginner mode turned off

When I turn off the beginner mode the Tabs feature does not appear in menu. I have updated to latest version with still no luck. Any suggestions?


What version of LightBurn do you have? (Help > Quick Help and Notes - in the window title)
Tabs is a somewhat recent feature.

I have version 9.10 just did update this morning

Ah, 0.9.10 is pretty old. You will need at least 0.9.15 for the tabs but we highly recommend updating to the latest 0.9.20
Is there are reason you only went up to 0.9.10? Is that as far as your current license goes without renewal?

yes, it looks like the license expired. i have just renewed waitng for new registration. thanks

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Looking into our systems I see your DSP key has been renewed. You should now be able to update to our latest public release, which as of today is version 9.20.

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