Addind a auto focus

can u add a z offset in lightburn for a normal control board so we can add a auto focus ty

What is a ‘normal’ control board?

What type of controller do you have on the K40?

There is autofocus support on most dsp type controller, but I don’t know what controller you have in the K40. That’s the key… Most grbl that I’m aware of, this isn’t an option…


i have a lx4s board

Went to the site and the manual exists elsewhere.

Supposedly it was somewhere on Facebook, which I don’t use and everything there was ‘private’.

The board has a Z axes control, but can’t see enough to determine how it homes a Z axes or has the ability to support an autofocus system.

My < $30 grbl board on my cnc3016 can sense the Z axes if setup correctly. Don’t know how much of this is really the software driving the grbl board. I can get a ‘variations’ map for the board with some kinds of software, but Lightburn isn’t one of them. This requires an extra wire and some type of sensor.

Unless you have the manual, I don’t think I can help you much…

Good luck