Adding a line to the back of a glass while etching on the front

Is it possible to etch a design on the front of a glass and when that is complete the rotary will spin to the opposite side of the glass to add a line to it. I have a large order of wine glasses to do and the customer wants a line on the back to show the 6oz fill line. I realize I can do this manually each time but was hoping there was a way to have the software do both.

If you are using a rotary tool it will be possible. The trick will be to etch it at the proper height. It will take some playing around and probably a few glasses to get it right, but you should not have a problem.

On your drawing, put the names or whatever you want to engrave on the front. Take the diameter of the object, divide it by 2 and draw a line at this location to the right of the text. You will need to move the line up or down until you have the proper location or the 6oz. mark.

Are you removing the glass and pouring in 6Oz to find where the line needs to be… ? :rofl:

I did something similar for a bartender friend…

I have a PiBurn which is a wheel/roller type rotary, but the same applies to a chuck.

I used the rotary setup to enter the diameter of the item, it will give me the circumference, which I use in Lightburn to draw a rectangle defining the work area of the whole glass/mug/cup… I do this with a tool layer.

I arrange my art as needed. You will have to figure out where on the glass the 6Oz line will be relative to the image/fill/vector. The outline will give you the whole available area…

If you know how far around the line needs to be, you can use the measurement tool to ensure it’s in the right place…

Make sense?

Good luck… post some photos


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