Adding limit switch and homing eleksmaker

Hello guys,
Like some of you, I have an Eleksmaker laser with mana controller board.
I want to add limit switches, with homing capability.
However, the mana does not have the connections for the switches, and the firmware (grbl) on your boards is not setup for homing and limit switches.
I will be writing detailed instructions on how to do it. Firmware and hardware.
I will also be procuring the necessary components (pcb and connectors) to do it. Let me know who is interested so I can purchase using some volume.
For those who are not into soldering or modifying firmware, I can do it for you given, you refund my cost. I am not in business and will not make profit. I can also do only firmware (grbl 1.1f) update and flashing, or only send the pcb, or complete assembly if you need.
Please reply at the latest by june 15.

Why are you double posting? All it accomplishes is to spam the board.

Thought i posted in wrong place

Thanks for posting this. I’m a laser/lightburn noob and would be happy if you could help me get switches and homing. Willing to send this board to you with cash if you are available to fix my issues.
Thanks. Hap