Adding ruida controller to and existing light burn for grbl control

So I’ve been using Lightburn for a few yrs now for xtool and other desk top lasers, but I just got a new thunder nova 35/100 and would like to keep my xtool, So when i go and look for new devices it finds the thunder, but light burn page says that I need to be some kinda key to run 2 different t controllers on one program. I have a new key from thunder, but it looks like Lightburn wants me to buy another key to be able to run 2 different controllers, so being able to run the grbl and ruida. It keeps saying that i have chosen a DPS device without a key. so just trying to figure out to get this going with out having to loose the xtool.

The DSP key you got from Thunder will work to connect to your xTool as well - all DSP keys support GCode devices as well. So if you deactivate your existing key and activate the new key, you’ll be able to use both your lasers.

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