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I am a new Lightburn user. It is a powerful tool, and there are often many ways to do to the same thing, but there is a steep learning curve. As a Windows user, it would be nice to have scroll bars available to move around the workspace. This would make it more user friendly for the novice and make it possible to keep the same tool as one moves around. This would be especially useful when I use the mouse wheel to zoom. Before making the suggestion, I read through the software suggestions and discovered that Lightbrun had turned down this option because there were already other ways to move around and this would take up work space. I would sacrifice work space for this feature, but I understand that others might not; thus, it could be implemented as a user choice such as “enable scroll bars”. In the meantime, other than using the move tool, I would appreciate some of the other ways of moving around. Thank you!

Press and hold SPACE bar. That changes the active tool to a hand shape. That allows you to move the work space around with the mouse. Even better than scroll bars :wink:

Thank you JimNM. You are right, that works great! It was a little concerning when I tried it with the measurement tool where the information box flashes rapidly, but it did work.

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Lightburn Software, it would be helpful if you added this method to your declined comment. Something like:“Plenty of options for this already that don’t take edit space. One is to hold the space bar down to temporarily change to the pan/drag view tool.” Thank you.

To be fair, this information is included in the Documentation as well as other strategies for panning.

Moving Around The Workspace - LightBurn Software Documentation

What you say is true, and thank you for the link, it is very helpful to know where to look; but as I said, LB is a powerful tool with a steep learning curve. I have read much of their documentation and watched many of their videos, but until I actually try to do something, much of what I see “has gone through one eye and out the other.” It is my own fault that I haven’t taken the necessary time to learn how to use LB before I tried a real project, and I appreciate that there are people such as you and JimNM who are willing to “hold the hand” of a novice who has “bitten off more than he could chew”. I believe that LB’s goal is to be helpful and responsive, and my comment was made toward that end. While what they said is true, in many cases just a little more information such as my example, or the link you provided, would be helpful, especially for a novice.

After I re-read the section on “Panning”, I reread the next section on “Selection”, and there are some powerful tools there. I especially like the fact that accidentally clicking on an empty area doesn’t erase what I have selected, and I can deselect any selected object with the control key. However, (I am using the newest 1.4.01" version) I couldn’t get the combination control + shift to do anything, but the separate keys do most of what I need to do so that is not a big deal.

I just tried this and got the same results. That’s odd. Ctrl+shift select should remove the object from the selection as far as I understood it. Apparently Ctrl select does work for that however both on adding or removing from selection. Normally it would be Shift to add and Ctrl+Shift to remove.

@Rick, is this potentially a defect?

Thanks for checking this feature. Actually, I like how the two work as they are now, and the combination key seems unnecessary. I will probably use the control key when there is little possibility of adding the wrong shape, and the control key when I might misclick on something and have to deselect it.

I agree. The utility of the ctrl key option is likely what delayed the identification of the ctrl+shift method not working.

Thanks, folks. I will take a closer look. :slight_smile:

Thank you all. We have confirmed the issue, fixed and will be in the next release. :slight_smile:

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