Adding START/END commands to gcode

I would like to automate my fume extractor and air assist so they start working before job starts and stop when done. something like:

  • Start fume extractor
  • Wait 3 sec
  • Start Air Assist
  • Run gcode

When done, Start END gcode sequence:

  • Stop Air Assist
  • Wait 3 sec
  • Stop fume extractor


There is currently no option to add arbitrary gcode into the output (but has been discussed).
Though it does support Air Assist though at a granular level. It can be enabled or disabled for each cut setting.

Thank you.
I am new to LightBurn and I am taking my first steps with laser cutting. used to use Whisperer until few weeks ago when i started using a trial version of LB. i have couple of 3D printers and I can’t imagine myself getting anywhere without extensive use of START and END Gcodes. can’t do without these. With laser cutters it is easier but if you ask me START/END commands is basic and should not be discussed, but to be added to LB. I use Smoothie and it can do a lot so why not give us the option to control a GPIO devices or even the onboard mosfets to do many manual tasks in an automated way.

Thank you.

BTW, how does this Air-Assist thingy works?
For Smoothie, Will it initiate M106 for a layer which has this air-assist enabled, and M107 when done/moved to a different layer which has this Air-Assist settings OFF?

We’ve avoided prefix / postfix gcode because LightBurn makes a number of assumptions about the state of the laser, and allowing manual GCode could make it much harder to debug if a user breaks those assumptions. I’m not opposed to having user code run before LightBurn code, because I can force any necessary state. It’s on the wishlist, and will very probably happen.

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