Additional drawing software

Hello there,

since im using lightburn for drawing simple sketches im wondering if there is more professional software for drawing only. like illustrator or corel draw. the problem with these 2 is that i dont want to spend so much money on these softwares because i only want to sketch 2d things for laser cutting. so i dont need things like color drawing or 3d modeling and because of that illustrator or corel would be overpowered for my kind of usage. Im very happy with the array and trace image function of lightburn so i definitely need these functions in another software. on top it would be recommended to export in svg to easily import my sketches in lightburn.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

We hear folks enjoy the options available in a free, open-source application called InkScape (← click this)

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Inkscape for vector and GIMP does pretty good with normal images. There are some simple instructions online by dragging some files out of Ghostscript to Inkscape that gives Inkscape eps file support along with some other supported file formats that come in handy.