Additional login required for Feature Suggestions - WHY?!

Just had a frustrating 20 minutes trying to enter a new feature suggestion. I was logged into this forum, but when I clicked on the Feature Suggestions button it asked for another sign-in. Then I had to wait for the verification email, which is not instant!
Then by mistake, I closed the window that I had just opened from the verification email. No problem I thought I will just re-open it from the email link, but no the link had expired after about 30 seconds!! So I had to sign-in and wait for another email. I almost gave up with my new feature idea.

Can you sort this out? As a paying customer I am not fond of wasting my time with needless red tape!

It’s an independent site, not run by us. Once you’re authorized you shouldn’t have to do it again, and it will send notifications to that email if the status for the suggestion changes (like if we start working on it).

You can post suggestions here too, but because of the nature of forums, it will quickly “sink” and we likely won’t remember it - Fider does take a moment to get connected to it, but it does a much better job at suggestion management than other things I’ve seen, and it’s free for us to use.

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Would you care to share with the forum, what your feature suggestion is ? It’s always good to know what users come up with.

It wasn’t really a feature suggestion, more of a whinge. It is not obvious to the user that the feature suggestion site is distinct and different from this forum. When it starts being pedantic about login and verification emails and it’s late at night, my interest in giving you guys feedback wanes rapidly! Now that I understand that it’s organised independantly, the suggestion I would make is - the timeout for reusing the verification code should be extended to say 10 mins. Perhaps you could pass that suggestion on to the stewards of that site?

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