Additional NEJE pcb's included with new module

Hey everybody, I’m stuck and I need your help.
I now I’m going to appear like an idiot, BUT
Where the hell does everything go with the pcb’s . There arent enough places to plug anything in.
Where do you tap into the signals for the pcb’s?
I a’m lost

It might help to have a little more information about the issue. Like what pcb, what are you plugging in and where did it come from.

It’s hard for us to read your mind. Many of the pcbs that come with these lasers have multiple configurations. You need to give us more detail, without the emotional part we’ve all experienced… :slight_smile:

Hi Jack,
Like I said the pcb’s that came with the new laser module. One appears to be an interface board between the module and the main board on my NEJE Master 2 S Max but there isn’t any info on where any additional wiring goes. It apparently requires at least one additional trigger signal from somewhere. The other board has the digital read out but has a connection for the module as well. There is only one cable for the module connection. My machine didn’t come set up like this when I bought it 5 months ago and there is no info that I have found online to hook this up.

The reason I’m asking up front is since I have had non existent customer service from NEJE regarding the defective module they sent the first time I cant afford the buy any additional parts. I have already spent another $130. to make my brand new laser work on top of the initial $500.

This is a LOT clearer than your original post. If you want help you need to provide clear information.

Re the pcbs, one of them, the one with the digital readout, is a test board to manually trigger and test the Laser Module. It is not used in the actual laser system. The second one provides the additional power supply required by the higher power module. The extra power supply goes here, the cable from the module plugs into this to split the power and original signals, a second connector is where you plug the original cable going to your original module so that the controller can control the new module.

Finally, there is no housing for the new PCB, you’re on your own for that.

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Thanks for clarifying. I’ve seen so many of those, they do the same but exactly how to put it together would have been a guess. It also would have been nice if he had advised us of the type of machine. Seems to me the type of control board may have to interface to it somehow… :slight_smile:

I have a pair of NEJE lasers. Never had problems with them but never ran them at 100% like many of these people do. Maybe that’s why they still work… lol

Robert… You’ll get it, it just take time/patience. Imagine where you’d be without sites like this…

Take care

He has a NEJE Master 2S MAX. GRBL 1.1, which is listed in his profile. A simple click on his name yields that.

Well, the laser modules are pretty much standard so there are no surprises there. I imagine the most confusing part was getting the extra PCB. That’s a dumb thing for mfr to do without explanations. A good video on 40W upgrade is:

He shows using the extra board and then, quickly, the hookup of the interface board.

Thanks for the tip and the video. :slight_smile: