Additional Setting for preview tuning

Chinese laser with Ruida controller in it. Tried to tune the settings for my machine so that the preview time as more accurate to reality. However, my settings for Engrave Acceleration X are 5,000,000, but 9.0.2 will only let me put in a max of 50,000 mm/sec^2. Is it possible to get a higher max value for those of us that have higher accelerations so we can tune the times more accurate?


5 million mm/sec^2? Are you sure? A Trotec Speedy has an acceleration of 5g, which is just under 50000 mm/sec^2, and that’s the fastest machine I’m aware of. I suspect yours is 5,000.000 mm/sec^2 (notice the decimal point).

No, it’s a CamFive. I’m almost positive that’s what it was. I’ll go check the machine here in a bit and post a pic of the settings.

And, you were correct. I guess I’d never looked close enough to see that one of the separators was a period instead of a comma. Got things tuned, and the preview time estimates are pretty close to reality now. Thanks again.

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