Additional settings

Can you add fill settings that do not raster the entire image? For users with diode lasers this will cut down significantly on time. Others have suggested cross hatching to fill. I know this is part of the fill settings but it extends outside of the fill areas, greatly increasing the time to complete the engraving. If I use additional software to create the cross hatching in the image, the engraving will be completed in 30 minutes vs over 3 hours with lightburns fill settings.

This is what Flood Fill does, but the semi-random travel it uses will highlight any looseness in the machine, and leave gaps in the engraving, which is why the best option is still one giant, ugly pass over the whole thing.

You can also turn on 'Fast Whitespace Slip" (and give it a speed) and it will speed up over large blank areas, which helps a lot, but doesn’t cause the backlash gaps you’ll get with flood fill.

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