Adjust Image does not save changes?

I may just be missing something here as I just started with this software. I am able to open the Adjust Image screen, see the original on the left and the edited version on the right. I change the image to newsprint and click OK. The Adjust Image screen closes and brings me back to the main window, but my image is not in newsprint.




Also, I am currently on the trial version. I can’t imagine the functionality is disabled for trial, but I want to be sure this software will do what I need before purchasing.

Thank you

We do not disable anything in the trial version, other than the time you have to evaluate.

Yes, you are correct. This is expected and the way LightBurn works. The image adjustments are displayed while in that editing view, but LightBurn does not display the image in “output” mode while viewing from the workspace. To view what will be sent to the laser, select the ‘TV’ icon, near the top-center, to expose the ‘Preview’ window.

Thank you for the explanation. I will play around with the preview.


The documentation we are in-progress rewriting should give you a solid overview and help you become familiar with LightBurn and the options available. Worth review: Beginner Walkthrough - LightBurn Software Documentation

It appears that I can make the changes with Adjust Image. Then right click the image and Save Processed Bitmap. Then, import that file and I can see the changes.

I also just purchased the software. Thank you for your help.

So this is really strange. After I entered my license key, the main image is now updating real time with the Adjust Image screen. I didn’t restart the software, but I did display the Shape Properties box at the right. No other changes.

It won’t show “newsprint” mode or any of the dither modes until you preview or run the actual job. brightness, contrast, gamma, and edge enhance are all applied live to the original / source image, and that will show in the main window.

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