Adjust Image, problem with rotated images and please let us edit the numbers directly

Hopefully someone has already reported this or maybe it’s just something related to my system, but when I try to do “Adjust Image” on an rotated image, the left side shows always the original, unaltered image (without the rotation having any effect either) and the right side is completely messed up. However, a picture is worth a thousand words:

Furthermore: could you pretty please add the possibility to enter the numbers on the right side directly by yourself (Contrast, Brightness and so on)? I think it was possible at first but got removed? Or maybe I don’t remember it correctly.
The “Adjust Image” feature is very awesome! But, unfortunately, I can barely use it because on my both PC systems (that are actually not too bad) it updates the preview very very slowly while using the sliders. I do quite a lot picture editing/engraving with Lightburn and it is very impractical to tweak the images with “Adjust Image” as it is too slow. I have to adjust the values “old style” with the “Shape Property” settings and then go into “Adjust Image” (or just the Preview) to see what will be send to the laser.

Thank you for such a great piece of Software and keep up the good work!



Thank you for reporting this. We can confirm the image rotation issue, known and being investigated.

Thank you, as well, for the suggestions for additional UI to help you with data entry on the Adjust Image page. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Rick for your fast response! I’m looking forward to the next version (or maybe the version after that) then! :slightly_smiling_face:

A further suggestion for something probably not that easy to implement but which would be pretty awesome: the possibility to apply the changes within “Align Image” on just a selectable area of the original image - somewhat like it is possible with the “Trace Image” tool.
That would instantly solve my issue with too long calculation times for the preview as my changes would not necessarily be applied to the full high-resolution image but only for a small part of it.
And furthermore I could easily highlight or soften some parts of the image individually (a bit like the Dodge and Burn features of professional Photo Software). :partying_face:

So that are just suggestions to a already awesome piece of Software!


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I said “Thank You”, not “It’s in the next release!!!” :no_mouth: :wink:

But I did get a comment from Oz, we should be able to add and fit the number entry controls to that page. I would expect that in the next release…but will confirm when I see it in a beta release. :slight_smile:

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Rick, I was just referring to the misaligned image with that optimistic remark as you said this is a known bug. :wink:

And of course I’m always exited about new versions and what I might be able to find in their regarding to new features and fixes. And as you guys set the bar for yourself quite high I think that excitement is very well deserved. :grin:
Using Lightburn with a Ruida controlled laser for almost 2 years now I never was disappointed about a release. Despite some hassles now and then, but besides having fun with my Laser I’m also a professional developer and know about all those things that can go wrong with new Software releases (or with all those different Hardware setups that Lightburn is supporting by this time)…


Ah, with you know. Yes, image rotation and distortion. Understood. This is known, but have nothing further to report as to expected resolution. And thank you for supporting our efforts and your kind words. Very much appreciated. :wink:

If we added the ability to preview your changes to only a portion of the image, that’s not the same as applying them to only a portion of the image. The contrast, brightness, etc values are stored with each image and applied to the whole image whenever the job is previewed or sent to the laser. What you’re asking for there is beyond the current scope of LightBurn.

If an image is rotated to a 90 degree multiple I can make it behave, but others will take more work - the system was really intended to show the images in their natural orientation (just like the Trace Image window does).

It would be fine with me if both sides would keep the original orientation. Just as it is right now it is not possible to make useful adjustments if the image is zoomed (and also hard if it isn’t) as the left and the right side are just not properly aligned to eachother:

I completely see and understand that this isn’t anything easy to do and most probably nothing you want to put some additional efforts to. So it is just a suggestion to something that would make things even more easy and convenient and awesome - at least for my use-cases.

Let me shortly outline why I came up with this idea in the first place:
I’m currently creating a high resolution image for a customer and experimenting with the “Align Image” tool to get a better idea of which changes to the original image will take which effect on the wood. Most of the image is getting way too dark and so I lightened it up quite a lot. So the result is indeed quite awesome after a few tests, but some details of the image should still pop out more.
The way to achieve this is currently going back to Photoshop and give those areas more contrast, import it back to LightBurn, apply the Shape Properties and check in Adjust Image if the laser will actually burn more at those darkened areas.
And while I’m doing that back and forth I thought by myself how awesome it would be to just select an area on the left side and apply some of the Shape Properties just to that area right in LightBurn! As I’m using LightBurn for my small sideline business I would pay real money just for that feature. So it is at least worth sharing that idea with you guys! :blush:


On the one hand, I’d like to eventually have features like this, but on the other hand, many applications already exist that do this very well, and there are other areas (like nesting) that aren’t well served, or cheap, that are more fundamental to lasers (and other cutting tools) that make more sense to add to LightBurn.

We have to balance requests we get based on how well they fit, how easily they can be found elsewhere, and how many overall users would benefit. Localized image tweaks are easily done in many image editing programs, and there are lots of free ones (like, Gimp, etc) that are very good. So please don’t take this as “no, that’s silly” but more like, “someday, when the features that we feel are really missing are done first”.

Regarding the image itself - if you didn’t rotate it, or you rotated the source in photoshop and saved it like that, it would show properly in the Adjust Image tool. Not ideal, but workable for right now.

Yes, I’m completely with you and actually really do appropriate you for that approach. :+1:

That’s all I could have hoped for, so thank you very much for even considering it as a “maybe someday” feature. :smiley:

That’s almost like I working around it right now. I only rotate images in Lightburn if I have to align the image with the wood grain (and the wood is too big to align it within my laser to the Ligthburn image).
So while I make changes or check changes with the Adjust Image tool I do rotate the image back, do my check/adjustment, and rotate it again. That is working fine as well and I could live with it for quite awhile now.

I just checked from now and then if that little bug got reported somewhere here or not and as I still couldn’t find anyone who has written about it I thought it was the time to say something myself about it. Just in case it got missed somehow or for the possibility that it is only related somehow to my system.

And of course to ask for entering the numbers directly as this is really bugging me as long as my system is too slow to handle the complex image recalculations fast enough to effectively use the sliders.


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