Adjust power and speed on the fly

Hi all…is there anyway to adjust the power/speed on “the fly” while engraving…thanks

It depends on the controller you’re using. I know for sure that Ruida controllers have the capability, and I’d imagine most other DSP controllers do as well. As far as I’m aware, grbl/smoothie boards don’t have the ability to change settings on the fly.

Thank you…My controller is GRBL…I also have T2 program which can change speed and power on the fly just curious if LightBurn could …

This isn’t supported at this time, no.

Thank you…

sorry bringing this back up. Any details on how to use this feature???

On my 6442, there are buttons for min/max power as well as speed. You can use these buttons to adjust the current layer’s speed and power during a job.

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On Ruida you do it from the machine control panel itself.


thanks I’ll check it out