Adjust Y Axis speed


I’d like to ask if there is a way to slow down only the Y-axis speed of the laser ? I have a problem that when cutting through plywood the laser can easily cut it at once with a speed of 280 but on the Y-axis it needs to do multiple passes. I know that there are some settings that can be changed in the machine settings but I’m not sure which one I should change.

Thanks for any help !

There’s not really a practical way to do this. You can set maximum speed settings in GRBL configuration on a per axis basis but this would only work to limit top speed. Meaning this wouldn’t allow you to make Y-speed consistently 80% of X-speed, for example.

Can you try rotating the material 90 degrees? This might help to even out cutting performance or possibly make it worse.

Thanks for your advice, will try it next time I’m cutting something. But if I rotate the material 90°, the grain of the wood will be in a different direction so wouldn’t the problem just switch to the X-axis?

The difference in cutting performance is likely due to the shape of the laser dot. Ideally the dot is uniform in shape. In reality, most diode laser module will produce a dot that is longer in one direction. This makes for uneven cutting performance.

This is also affected by the material itself. So right now you may both advantages of orientation. By rotating 90 degrees I was hoping to split the difference in advantage. However, this is where I was saying that it could make the situation worse. If right now you are already splitting the difference than the problem could be made worse by rotating it.

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