Adjusting camera focal length

I am having trouble getting the camera I ordered from lightburn to focus on the bed of my laser. The focus distance is less than one inch from the lens. I tried to rotate the lens to change the focal length, but it only changed it a fraction of an inch. Is there another way I can change the focal length?

How much did you rotate the lens? It rotates around quite a bit if I recall correctly.

The lenses twist. Which lens did you get? If it’s a 90 or 60, the notches in the lens are how to twist it. There will be a little friction preventing it from turning initially, and make sure you’re twisting it outward not inward.

I unscrewed the lens from the mount and rescrewed it back on. I’ve been moving it back and forth in the threads but the focus is still way off.

I’m sorry, but I do have to ask - you’ve removed the protective sticker from the lens, correct?

Which lens did you get, and how far from the machine is it mounted?

No worries,
The sticker was removed. I have the 120 deg. camera and its mounted 24.5" above the bed. Bed size is 22" x 34".

I’ve honestly never had an issue with the 120 before, but there’s a first time for everything. I’ll send a replacement - You’re close, it should go out tomorrow and arrive quickly.

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