Adjusting reverse interval

as you can see I have a reverse interval issue. I need to adjust this but I have no clue how. I went to where I thought it was on lightburn and changed some stuff clicked add and 100 speed and .65 nothing changed. CAN ANYONE HELP? Do I fix this in the software or in the machine? according to my calipers it is 100 is off 0.865 200 is 0.1245 300 is 0.1580 400 is 0.1820
500 is 0.241 and 600 is 0.2520 do I cut these numbers in half > and where and how do i enter them? any help would be appreciated.

You’re looking at the right place, you just need a few entries. You do cut the offset numbers in half, and enter them in the scanning offset table.

Ok I seem to have gotten rid of the shadows but this is now creating small holes everywhere the text isnt doubled but the holes are abundant Oz can you tell why it is doing this?

Change the engraving mode for that image to ‘Threshold’ instead of ‘Dither’. You’ll see those same dots if you preview first. Those are artifacts from the dithering process. They’re invisible if you’re dithering images that have lots of varying shades everywhere, like a photo, but with images that have lots of large blank areas, those areas can show those trails.

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