Advice needed to upgrade laser

Not knowing what I was getting i purchased a NEJE 30W laser module (actually thinking i was purchasing the whole machine not just a laser module upgrade) so I keep it after doing more research it seems to be a pretty good one as far as I can tell. So then I purchased a bachin D8-4050p laser engraver machine with the regular 500MW (more so for the size of the work area. From what I gather my control board is gBRL v1.1. I would be very interested in using the lightburn software as soon as I figure this machine out more. I would like to switch lasers I don’t know how to tell if its going to possibly mess anything up. Would appreciate any feedback (no ill intent with the following statement) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if your not 100% sure (it should/ might work) just please don’t reply want this as a hobby and on fixed income can’t afford to replace parts. Thx

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