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Hello everyone in between homeschooling the kids today I’ve been having a bash at engraving an image on a slate, but can’t get it at all, I’ve set the image in LB and turned it to a negative image, as when the slate gets hit it turns white, trouble is which setting do you use, i.e greyscale, newsprint, etc each of the aforementioned continually burn and so turn the whole project white, I can do text and black-white drawing images but photo images are just above my skill level.
Thanks in advance

Pictures help. So does info on your machine, controller, tube/diode, etc.

@travisr100 hey travis, it’s a k40 running a 50w tube using c3d board, on lightburn software with tl smoothers on x and y,
no pictures of job but heres one of what i’m trying to do,

Again, picture of your result would help. I can say that i wouldn’t use greyscale. Definitely one of the dithering options. What focal length lens? What dpi/interval?

You’d probably do just fine with jarvis or stucki on that. If it’s burning the entire thing though, as one solid color, then your speed is too slow, or your power is too high. You’ll want to zero in your focus too, with a dot test. Otherwise, your dots could be overlapping.

For reference, on my 100w with couple year old tubes, I run ~100mm/sec, ~15-20% power.

I strongly recommend for you to extract the subject and separate from the background. Here is a super quick,example

This was where i stopped it at

As you can see it just white washed the. Slate

What were your settings

% watt of laser used

Did you draw the heart shape in LB?

Sorry that was rush reply today, so settings are 404dpi 90mms thats as fast as c3d board can go before messing jobs up. Perfect laser height setting. Using newsprint. Done same with stucki, threshold, atkinson. Using negative image. And normal image, with background and removed using excellent program. Remove bg.

I still didn’t quite understand. Did you draw the heart shape in Lighburn or not?

No it’s done in inkscape using clip tool. Photo over heart shape and clip to shape.?

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If you are not here for advice and to further your knowledge of laser engraving/cutting using Lightburn software then what would one be here for?


@Sasquatch laser % is 22% speed is maxed at 90mms, i think what it is with slate is, only one colour ( Uk spelling ) i.e white, but with wood you can vary the shade, hence why you can do like a black-white drawing easy on the slate, as it’s either on or off, and would create the picture, but a photo on a slate has way too many variations in depth and shades, so the laser has a constant burn to try and give shading, which in turn will whitewash the slate,
Picture is easily done on slate attached as it’s on or off for the power…

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Is above a vector file or is it a jpg?


Jpg converted to png by time I’ve finished with it in inkscape sas.
Above is just example of a picture that works on slate due, to it being straight black white image.

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I love the hand drawing. It’s that your handy work.