Advice on Limit Switches Sculpfun S9

Hey all.
Need a little help with limit switches.
I have them installed on my S9 but when the machine tries to home it goes in the correct direction. But then hits the X Axis limit switch and then stops, moves back and hit’s it again…repeat…repeat…repeat.
If its far enough along that it hits the Y axis limit it stops as it should but the X axis keeps this bounce going on.
These are my machine settings

Can you issue ? command in Console while this is happening? What’s the output?

What happens if you swap the X and Y limit switches? Do you get the problem on Y or does it stay on X?

Well dang the problem is solved now.
I noticed that one limit switch would light up when the machine hit it and the other did not. I replaced the switch and it works perfectly now.
Thank you for your help.