Affinity Designer to lightburn exporting

Anyone have any experience exporting from affinity designer to lightburn, I am not proficient with affinity designer but I have a file created and I am trying to import into lightburn as an svg but it comes in 3 times the size it was in affinity.

I do use Affinity Designer but don’t really use it with LightBurn, I tend to use CorelDraw for that. Have you tried exporting as PDF instead to see whether that works any better for you? If you’re able to post your Affinity file I could have a look. You’ll just need to append ‘.txt’ to the file name for the forum software to accept it.

In Affinity Designer, from the Export page, do you select the ‘Raster DPI’ option, and what ‘SVG Import’ setting do you have for this in LightBurn? They need to match. :slight_smile:

In my testing, a 100mm square generated and exported from Affinity Designer 1.10.5, set to 96 DPI as SVG, imports correctly into LightBurn and is sized as expected, matching that of the source.

Yeah for whatever reason when I use pdf and import into lightburn I don’t get anything on the screen at all. Maybe I’m going about it the wrong way, I am trying to have someone UV print something for me then be able to put in my laser with the crosshairs to be able to use the print and cut feature in lightburn. So I was trying to transfer my artwork to lightburn, then add the target points for print and cut, then export back to affinity, Maybe I just need to make the target points in affinity?

Turkey.txt (66.2 KB)

You certainly have the option to add crosshairs from within Affinity Designer, prior to export. There is no requirement this needs to be done within LightBurn to use the ‘Print and Cut’ feature. You can use the marks you create in the original art.

Thank you, that did it.

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Ok, I like to make things harder than I need to. Thanks for the help!

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Awesome! Please mark as ‘Solved’ to help others that might be looking for a similar answer in the future. :slight_smile:

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