After cleaning lens S9 will not cut, always seems out of focus

I decided to clean my lens, as its been a few weeks. I did the normal, used achol to do the job. I put the laser back together, and now it will not cut on the same settings as min before. It seems that it is out of focus, yet the focus is set to the same. I can not see anything wrong with the lens after taking the laser off the gantry, and inspecting it. So… I put my original Ortur laser back on the gantry, and it does the same thing. So no I am thinking its a firmware problem.
I have not changed any settings on Lightburn, so I am not understanding how things can get screwed up from just cleaning the lens. etc… very frustrating. Any suggestions or thoughts are quite welcome.

the same thing happened, after cleaning it affected at times and with very low power … I reassembled the whole spout and tried to engrave without it … everything was perfect … in practice it was the lens rubbers that delimited the radius too compressed …probably the same for you

Thank you. I Will try with out the air assist cone. I just ordered some new lenses. As well.
Thank you again

When this occurs, it’s wise to do a ramp test to see if you’ve actually changed the focus distance. This should easily confirm or deny the problem.

If you clean the lens on module A then put in Module B and have a similar issue.

You logic escapes me, about how it could be a firmware issue? … unless you changed something you haven’t advised us about.

Software has bugs, but it does not break… hardware breaks.

It’s got to be something you’ve changed…

Good luck


Did a test… single line on the Y axis and it is nice and tight, but the X axis looks like a square.
Ramp test on the Y axis was no change from focus to +4mm. No change on the X axis. just a square
very interesting…and frustrating

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