After creating - Can't select

After creating text or a shape, clicking on the outline won’t select it. I have to outline the object to select it again. The software version is 1.0.06, Windows 7.

Are you able to click select on the middle of a filled shape? If so, the basic selection mechanism should be working.

By default the tolerance for how close you need to be on the line can be pretty tight. Do you get a change in mouse cursor from a mouse pointer to a reticle like shape as you cross over the line? It’s only then that a click will select the shape. If this is the case you can increase the area of valid selection by adjusting Edit->Settings->Click-Selection Tolerance.

If this is not what you’re experiencing can you take a photo of what happens when you bring the cursor close to the outline? Normally I’d ask for a screenshot but not all screenshot mechanisms will include the mouse pointer. If yours does then a screenshot is even better.

The tolerance was set at zero. This was a new installation and the latest upgrade. Must have reset on the upgrade. I set it for 6 pixels and it now selects it but the cursor doesn’t change to the reticle-like shape. I’m using a pretty old HP laptop with Win 7 so I can live with that. Thanks for the help.

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