After last update my library has nothing in it

After last update my library has nothing in it. I’m very new to lightburn so maybe I’m doing something wrong. However the library name is there and I had 10+ items in my library and now they are not there. Any idea how to get all that work back? Please help.

Click on load and add them back.

Be sure to frequently save your library to a place you will remember. What you describe inconveniently happens to me usually when a customer is tapping their foot or I need to be somewhere! I get a warning stating “Unable to load all you work for for no apparent reason” then I check the box the says “Don’t show this message again” knowing full well next time I open LB… Same ol shiz! Like the other dude said, Go to where the library should be, load, find the one your now habitually saving after you update it and BOOM! Welcome back library! Good Luck!

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