After latest update my laser can not home and axis are set for 100000mm

Hi there, after installing the latest update of LB

  1. after power on the head is not moving anywhere - so it is not in home position
  2. my laser axis (X+Y) are set 10000mm , I can not move the axis by arrows from machine or by LB
  3. when I press pulse on machine, it works
  4. when I try to “frame” in LB, it is not moving
  5. when i hit “make”, the laser starts but head is not moving.

Please let me know how can I fix that.

It doesn’t sound so good, but until the LightBurn people come up with an explanation/help, you can always downgrade to the last working version, then at least you can continue working with your laser.

When the Ruida fails to home, it sets all axes to their maximum values. It is lost. You should see some kind of error displayed in the controller.

Most of these home switches are inductive, so any Farris metal will activate them. I lay a screw driver on mine or a piece of metal, like in the video. That makes them active.

They can move too far to be activated or the switch to the controller may fail.

On the Ruida controller you can see if it reads these inputs, led on the hardware and from the console …

Z/U → Diagnosis

You can halt the machine attempting to home by pressing the esc key on the console.

Here’s an older video where I try to point out what I’m saying…

Good luck


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