After saving and opening a file, sent to cutter and not all pieces get cut

Hello, something funny happened, i imported a file into lightburn se below

Then after many cuts i had to go and saved the file, once i returned i opened the file and sent to cut again, to my surprise the two big parts at the begining did not cut, even if i select them and try to send just those two parts they dont cut (no movement at all), but if i import the file again it works ok.

Check that those pieces are not / were not outside the boundary of your work area represented in LightBurn (the grid) and that you don’t have that setting enabled (ignore object outside of the work area).

Importing a file places it in the center of the view. If you imported it with it very slightly off the side, even by a thousandth of a mm, it would be out of bounds on the laser, and if you have the out-of-bounds check / discard enabled (which it is by default) LightBurn would ignore those shapes, both in the preview and in your final cut. (I can’t stress enough: always check the preview)

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