After up date of firmware lazer not found

Hi the i have been using Lightburn for a long time but 2day after firmware update laser stopped working

Can’t connect
Laser in question is a diode lazer with the new firmware v1.3B i was using v1.1f before but now can’t connect

Any help will be appreciated

Hi Antonio,
may you give us a bit more info so that we can try and help you out?

What machine is it (brand and model name)?
What firmware is it running (like what’s the name of the firmware e.g GRBL or Marlin)
Where did you get the firmware? (a link to the web-page would be great)
Did you use LightBurn to update the firmware?
What process did you follow to do the update?
Are you able to connect to LightBurn again if you re-install the older firmware?


Thanks for the fast reply

The laser is a Vigotec L7 using GRBL V1.3B
Updated from vendor

I have tried to reflash with V 1.1 GBRL but it doesn’t work as it used to laser movement is super slow
I have uninstalled and reinstalled Lightburn but everything maintained it self…

that link appears broken, do you have the web page it was linked to from?
How did you flash it? What steps did you take?
When you say you can’t connect, what steps are you trying?

VG-L7 Laser engraver

How did you flash it? What steps did you take to do so?
When you say you can’t connect, what steps are you trying?

When you reflashed the firmware to 1.1f, you likely reverted all the firmware settings to GRBL defaults, including the ones that control your maximum speed, but also several other important setting such as acceleration, max travel, and steps per mm.

You can see these settings by entering ‘$$’ in your ‘Console’ window. Please share them here.

You can try to manually adjust these settings (we may be able to offer reasonable guesses), or reach out to your laser’s manufacturer and see if they can send you their default firmware parameters (or you can check their site to see if they’re posted anywhere). Even better if they can send it in a ‘.lbset’ format- then you can import all of the settings directly.

I use a software provided by the manufacturer with a step-by-step guide. Thia was to reverting to v1.1f

But the update was done automatically when i connected the software to the laser … Vigotec software

Is the any way i can reset lightburn to default values and then try the ‘$$’ to get configured dataset

@JTR I think he can’t connect, so if not he can’t query the controller.

The configuration details @JTR is speaking of are in the controller not Lightburn.

The proper way was to use the Machine settings to read your controller and then the ‘save’ option to save the current configuration… you can then ‘load’ and ‘write’ that configuration…

I don’t know what kind of computer you have and some of the tools to look at things are different. I’d use ‘lsusb’ in Ubuntu to check and see if the os is seeing your laser plugged in the usb port.


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