After Update to 1,0,04, fill function is strange

Running an 80w Blue/Gray, Ruida 644 XG, and LB for windows updated to 1.0.04

Running some coasters today and noticed it was taking a little longer than normal to run them. The image I’m attaching a preview of is only 1.2" square, it is now filling each dot vs. the whole image, this shows no matter the optimization choices. Also, no matter the optimization, this file is running each image one by one, rather that scanning the entire area, I had some lettering that I had left as text, it ran each letter. Is there some setting that needs to be adjusted, as the optimization does not change the path that Lightburn is choosing.

Problem solved, lol, I had to look at the gif of the settings to notice that it was checked to do individual shapes.

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