After work it stay busy

The laser start ok and finish burning but stay on 99% and is busy.
How can I solve?

What laser and controller are you using?

Ortur master 2 20w

When it stays busy, do you see any messages in the console? Like, “ALARM:2” for example?

Today it stop with fun on before finishing and there was this error…
What does it mean?

That looks like an error with the communication. That can happen if:

  • The USB cable is loose, or of poor quality
  • The power supply is not strong enough to provide the power needed by the laser
  • The USB wires are running too close to stepper motor wires, causing noise in the connection

Yesterday did it againg…
The led was like the photo

I tried with a powerfull 5a alim. but did it againg.
Could I resolve with a UPS?

What power level are you using?

1400mm/min 75% power

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