Ain't much, but this is 'me'

From guitar stands to cookie trays and cutting boards, this is what I do. Lightburn and Atomstack, Vectric through Mach3 to a refit New Hermes, and 2 more machines in the design phase. Of course, there’s no money to be made in any of it, so what was once a retirement dream moves back to occasional hobby status, but it’s fun for me. Mostly given away and some sold to local musicians in the NoVA area. Last one produced goes to guitarist Eric Gales tomorrow night. Made as a tribute to his 2022 Grammy nomination for his song “I Want My Crown”.


Lovely work, may have to steal the guitar stand idea, been trying to think of how to make one for my brother :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Steal away. They don’t sell worth crap in the US, but I can guarantee that there’s a far eastern sweatshop already churning out copies for double what I selling them for…and he’s making bank on them.

Good looking stuff. I need to make a neck but did make a Telecaster body. :slight_smile:

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