Air Asiist Connector

Can the air assist connector on the back of a thunderlaser be changed to accept an 8mm tube instead of the fitted 6mm one??

Thanks …

You should be able to find adapters that will connect an 8-mm tube to a 6-mm tube. If you say what country you are in someone can probably point you to a source.

Looks like you have a Thunder Laser (as do I) and I’m curious why or what you need to adapt. Can you say?

Cheers Mike,

I started to run a tube straight from the pump into the laser head and disconnect the fitted tube. I get a much cleaner cut and can cut 6mm plywood very easy using this method. Doing this reduces all the restrictments of the 6mm tube …

UK by the way …

Hi can you not use a reducing connector … like the one in the link ?

Thanks Brian, i have ordered a set, hopefully it will work … :+1: :+1: