Air assist buttons reversed

Installed Sculpfun Air assist kit on my S10. Using LB 1.3.01 and the air assist buttons in the layers menu are working in reverse. On is Off and Off is On. Is there a $$ setting in the console that can be changed to correct this?

No. It seems you are using the wrong relay. Check here: Relay Control - Diode Laser Wiki The relay needs to be high-level-active.
Do you hear the relay activating once you power on / boot the board? And it releases once you send M7/M8? Then it uses inverted logic.

There is no option in the firmware to invert the relay control logic.

I didn’t use an external relay as the kit came with new mother board prewired. maybe there is some sort of jumper on the motherboard to fix this. Sculpfun doesn’t mention this anywhere. Thanks for your input.

Ah, you installed the official automatic air assist kit? Sorry, didn’t get that.
Then you have the new S30 mainboard with the two-wire connector and the corresponding pump?

First thing I’d try is to flash the firmware again, choose the S30 firmware you find here: Firmware Update & Settings - Diode Laser Wiki Just to make sure it’s no firmware glitch.

Thanks a bunch. Downloaded the new firmware, Will try later.

Reread the control board and all is good. You have been very helpful.

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