Air assist enabled

“Desc”: “Enable air-assist output”,
“ID”: “0x40002”,
“Value”: false
so if i understand correctly i can stop or run air assist from the software but i do a program with air cut air always arrives my pump is connected at the back to a 220 volt output of the laser my command RL320-a ruida
no electric plan of the laser so I guess it has to cut power from behind or you have to put a relay
thank you

Sorry, but is there a question we can help with?

On a Ruida controller, the air assist is controlled by a pin on the control board called “Wind” - that pin will be connected to ground when air assist is enabled in the software. You can connect 24v through a relay, solid state switch, or solenoid, and connect the other end to the “Wind” pin, and it will activate when the air assist is enabled.

This might help:

ok merci encore

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