Air Assist for Laser Master 2

Good day. I have an Ortur LM2, and I’m having a difficult time trying to get air assist. I’ve been on Etsy and the Facebook support groups, but my problem is, I’m not sure which are legit and which aren’t. Can someone direct me to a good place to buy this product. I’m in Alberta, Canada, and I would prefer the type that attaches to the lens. Thank you.


I bought a nozzle for my AtomStack A5 pro from this guy in Germany.

Pros: It fits
Cons: I need a single nozzle and it’s dual. Clearnaces are tight for tube but loose for panel fits. Alignment is OK, would prefer a bit of more assured alignment.

But if you can’t find anything else, this will work. I am burning a new test piece as I type.

Thanks for the replies. I bought one from a guy on Facebook. Was highly recommended.


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go to ali express ortur store they should have them
Etsy kinggrubbydesigns has everything for ortur lm2
buy the nozzle head , go to pet store 4 plastic tubing and a $30.00 aquarium motor and You Are THERE . Air assist is good for wood and pourous materials , Does no good with tile and slate

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